Discover the new
Sentinel RedHead CCR
Welcome to the home of the Sentinel RedHead CCR from Vobster Marine Systems - the world's most sophisticated and feature-packed exploration-grade closed circuit rebreather.

Designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding dive explorers, the Sentinel RedHead is a fusion of intelligent design and cutting edge marine technology. Whether you're pushing the limits of dive exploration or simply diving for fun, the Sentinel will take you there. Even if you don't dive to the very limits... your rebreather should be built like you do.

The Sentinel RedHead is the choice of dive explorers across the globe. From the caves of France, Florida and Mexico to the deep wrecks of the Baltic and beyond, leading explorers rely on the Sentinel RedHead to help them push the very limits of dive exploration...
Photo courtesy of Brett Seymour - Return to Antikythera 2014
At home in any environment...
Deep Caves
From the caves of France, Florida and beyond, the Sentinel has helped to push the boundaries of cave exploration
Deep Wrecks
The Sentinel has visited some of the world's most famous deep wrecks - from the Britannic to the Andrea Doria
Deep Fun
You don't have to be a cutting edge explorer to dive the Sentinel - it's at home on a blue water reef too!
Introducing the new
Sentinel RedHead CCR
You might not dive ancient wrecks or explore deep virgin caves for a living... but your rebreather should be built like you do.

When we say that the Sentinel RedHead is 'engineered for exploration', we really do mean it - the Sentinel RedHead is built from the ground up to meet the demands of the most challenging environments.

The Sentinel RedHead combines class-leading performance with a simple user interface combined with a new robust, modular assembly that makes the unit both easier to maintain and travel friendly. Certified to the most stringent 2013 CE test standard, the new RedHead marks the development of a new generation in exploration-grade closed circuit rebreather technology.

An evolution of the Sentinel Expedition, the new Sentinel RedHead offers multiple upgrades on breathing performance, weight, reliability, field servicing, travel flexibility, PO2 tracking, configuration and software.

The best just got better...
Experience rock-solid oxygen setpoint control delivering just +/- 0.02 Bar variation at 100 metres
Breathe easy with the lowest work of breathing of any rebreather on the market
Robust plug and play components can be switched out in the field - no specialist tools required
With trimix software enabled as standard, the RedHead is ready for trimix from day one
We don't charge extra for a carbon dioxide sensor - it's fitted as standard on the RedHead
The new RedHead features a new travel-friendly modular design with significant weight savings
No faffing with batteries - both the oxygen sensor module and primary pod are now fully rechargeable
Quick and convenient wireless downloading of dive log data direct to your personal computer
Try dive the
Sentinel RedHead...
To truly appreciate just how good the Sentinel RedHead is, we strongly believe that you need to take one for a dive.

Working with some of the very best Sentinel instructors in the UK and Europe, we now offer you the opportunity to 'try dive' the Sentinel RedHead for yourself. Over the coming months, our team of Sentinel RedHead instructors will be taking the Sentinel RedHead on the road to give divers like yourself the opportunity to experience the RedHead for yourself.

You'll get the opportunity to discover how the RedHead works and how all the technology fits together. Of course what really matters is how well it dives and you'll get to do this too - try dives are open to any diver with open water training. Prior experience is not required.

Photo courtesy of Jason Brown -
RedHead Roadshow Dates
Capenwray, UK
Joel Chase
01373 814666
£ 75.00
Duiktank, Kortrijk, Belgium
Tim Clements
01373 814666
£ 75.00
Duiktank, Kortrijk, Belgium
Tim Clements
+44 1373 814666
£ 75.00
Vobster Quay, UK
Tim Clements
01373 814666
£ 75.00
Breathe new life into
your legacy Sentinel
Own an older Sentinel unit? Switching to the RedHead couldn't be easier - The Sentinel RedHead upgrade offers a rapid and easy to install upgrade path for owners of legacy Sentinel units.

The Sentinel RedHead upgrade will take your legacy Sentinel to a class leading level of performance with true integrated resource life support capability. Replacing all your unit's existing electronics, the RedHead upgrade offers a multitude of performance, modularity and reliability improvements that will transform your legacy Sentinel unit into a class-leading expedition grade rebreather.

Looking after
you & your Sentinel
Vobster Marine Systems is dedicated to supporting what we believe to be the very best rebreather on the market - the Sentinel RedHead CCR.

Our dedicated team has years of experience working in the marine environment on a diverse range of cutting edge military and recreational products. Based in Somerset, Vobster Marine Systems offers a full range of support services to Sentinel divers across the globe.

From the supply of consumables and parts to full servicing, repairs and a range of exciting upgrades, we're here to help you and your Sentinel to realise your diving ambitions for many years to come...
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