Our Services
VMS is dedicated to supporting divers across the globe that have chosen a RED Series CCR as their rebreather of choice.

Whether you're a cutting edge dive explorer or just dive for fun, we're here to keep you and your RED Series CCR diving together for many years to come.

Our dedicated team has years of experience working in the marine environment on a diverse range of cutting edge military and recreational products. Allowing us to deliver the very best service, our workshop is a state of the art facility fitted with all the latest service and testing equipment. From the supply of consumables and parts to full servicing, repairs and a range of exciting upgrades, VMS is here to help.

For RedBare CCR divers looking for the ultimate 'peace of mind', we offer an extended warranty package that will protect your RedBare CCR from manufacturing defects for a period of two years.

In 2015, Vobster Marine Systems was awarded ISO 9001:2008 for our quality management systems - recognition of our commitment to the highest possible standards that we strive to achieve in everything we do.
Services for your RED Series CCR...
Regular servicing is important to ensure that your RED Series CCR continues to provide unrivalled performance.
Stuff breaks - that's a simple fact of life. We're here to help you get your unit back up and running fast.
Keep your RED Series CCR ahead of the rest with a range of cutting-edge upgrades available direct from us.
We offer a full range of consumables from oxygen cells to mushroom valves to keep your RED Series CCR diving.
Spare Parts
From a complete head to a shiny new rear casing, we can supply the full range of RED Series CCR parts and spares.
We beleive in actively supporting any diver who chooses a RED Series CCR for their diving adventures.
Servicing & Repairs
Even the most robust and sophisticated technology needs a little 'TLC' occasionally and the RED Series CCR is no exception.

In order to keep your unit functioning at an optimal level, we recommend that your RED Series CCR is serviced periodically after either 200 hours of use or two years following its last service, depending on which comes first.

A full service involves a complete strip down, clean and inspection of all major components. In addition, all major o-rings and mushroom valves are replaced and the loop, counterlungs and mouthpeice are disinfected fully. Both first stages receive a full service before the unit is rebuilt and tested with a full chamber dive. Note that the replacement of expired oxygen cells is not covered in the cost of a full service.

Stuff breaks - that's a simple and inevitable fact of life. If and when the unthinkable does happen, we provide a full repairs service. Whether it's a full flood, damaged handsets or mechanical damage, our team of workshop technicians can nurse your unit back to health.

Our state of the art workshop is fully equipped to deal with all repair tasks. We have full onsite electronic repair and testing facilities plus a large capacity water tank and pressure-test chamber capable of 'diving' the complete head and handsets from a RED Series CCR to a depth of 90 metres. Whatever the fault, our team will get your RED Series CCR back on its feet (and back in the water) with the minimum of fuss.
Complete strip down, clean and rebuild
Full inspection of all major components
Service O2 and Diluent first stages
Replace mushroom valves
Disinfect loop, counterlungs & mouthpeice
Replace all major o-rings
Software Upgrade
Full chamber test dive
We offer a full range of consumables from oxygen cells to mushroom valves and more to keep your RED Series CCR diving.
From a complete head to a shiny new rear casing, we can supply the full range of RED Series CCR parts and spares.
Replacement Parts & Consumables
Like any item of advanced diving equipment, RED Series CCRs requires the periodic replacement of consumable parts in order to provide the best continuous performance.

We stock the full range of consumables including:
  • Counterlungs
  • Oxygen cells
  • Mushroom valves
  • O-Rings
We can also supply a full range of user-replaceable parts should you need to replace any part of your RED Series CCR system. From a shiney new rear cover to replacement loop hoses, our parts department can help.

Worried about missing a dive? Why not invest in a RED Series CCR Triage kit containing many of the essential spares you need to solve common problems. This recommended 'save a dive' kit includes a full set of o-rings, spare screws, a CO2 sponge and a tube of oxygen-compatible Tribolube 7 lubricant.

To order your consumables and other parts, contact us on 01373 814678 or email info@vmsrebreathers.com
Keep your CCR current
Cutting-edge Upgrades...
Want to keep your RED Series CCR at the very cutting edge of rebreather technology?

We also offer a range of state of the art upgrades to further enhance the safety and performance of your RED Series CCR.

To enquire about upgrading your VMS rebreather, contact us on 01373 814678 or email or sales team at info@vmsrebreathers.com
RED Series Upgrades...
Don't get left behind! Upgrade your legacy Sentinel to the very latest technology with our RED Series CCR upgrade offer.