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Vobster Marine Systems is dedicated to supporting what we believe to be the most advanced closed circuit rebreathers on the market - the VMS RedBare CCR.

As active rebreather divers ourselves, we fully understand the passion that drives our customers to explore and we resolutely believe that the VMS Red series are the best unit on the market to make your diving ambitions a reality.

Based in Somerset, Vobster Marine Systems offers a full range of support services to RED Series CCR divers across the globe. From servicing and upgrades to repairs and unit sales, we're here to help you and your VMS CCR to realise your diving ambitions to explore the hidden wonders of the world's great oceans, lakes, caves and beyond.
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Redhead CCR
Predive checks
VMS Rebreathers
Predive checks are essential for safe preparation of all rebreathers. The RedHead and redBare feature unit prompted checks and system monitoring to ensure that the CCR are correctly prepared for diving and reduce errors based on memorised checklists.
Redhead CCR
CO2 Monitor demo
VMS Rebreathers
Demonstration of in loop CO2 monitoring to detect failed, malfunctioning or poorly assembled CO2 removal system, Crucial data for divers, the RedHead CCR series feature the most reliable CO2 monitor on rebreathers, with the only numerical display.
Redhead CCR
HP sensor demo
VMS Rebreathers
Monitoring gas supplies is essential for all divers. The RedHead CCR features robust monitoring by computer that detects of low levels or unusually high rates of gas use, giving essential early warning of problems with supply of O2 or diluent to the CCR.
Redhead CCR Thermal Profile Monitor
VMS Rebreathers
Demonstration of thermally monitoring the CO2 filter activity in the RedHead CCR. Thermal monitoring provides early warning of filter CO2 removal failure due to incorrect assembly, flooding, material exhaustion or second hand material. Essential safety information for CCR divers.